The social taboo – body and mind

I just finished reading this and my mind was contemplating over the society’s taboo of using your body to advance yourself in life. I do not think Sasha Grey’s parents adore their daughter’s achievements in the adult film industry but I am sure Nate Silver’s parents are proud of his mathematical acumen. The world today is filled with females who have advanced themselves riding on their endowed bodies making sex tapes, featuring in voyeuristic reality shows, stripping naked for photo shoots and in general acting stupid, but the society in general is not very supportive of someone whose claim to fame is only that they have a smoking hot ass.

Even if an event is all about looks and having the body of a Greek goddess, the people associated with the show try to shove in a meaningless intellectual layer to it. Does the Q&A round in miss world ring a bell or an actress who stripped naked on screen trying to rationalize the scene as part of the drama without which the film would have lost it’s whole meaning? Let us for once keep aside all our prejudices and all the social mores that we have been fed since our birth and analyze the situation. What is the difference between someone using their body to gain popularity versus someone using their brain? Are both not something that we are naturally endowed with? Are not some of the humans naturally more smarter than others? Why is it acceptable for these superiors among us to leverage this to their advantage but if you use your natural beauty and sexuality to your advantage, you are frowned upon?

I thought about this for sometime and there are two major reasons that I could come up with. For one, using your beauty to make a name for yourself is mostly a selfish act. This does not result in the society’s advancement as a whole. Let me ask this rhetorical question, what is Kim Kardashian’s contribution in making this world a better place? On the flip side, has Einstein’s genius helped us to make progress as a human race? The no of lives that you affect with your intelligence is infinitely more than the no of lives that you can hope to touch with just your looks.  The society in general makes strides due to human intelligence but human beauty does not make this world a better place.

The other side to this is, beauty is not something that you can work on and gain as you go about your life. It is mostly a binary property, either you have it or not. It is not something that you can toil towards to. Since the human race sees grey cells as something to worship people with, it becomes a goal for each and everyone of us to better ourselves in this area and due to this humanity gains as a whole. It is one vicious circle and I am thankful to our forefathers who had the wisdom to think about this and inculcate this in the human spirit.

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