Fighting change

by abhirama

Ninja Fighter Sword

In my new workplace, I was given a brand new shiny MacBook Pro. My first reaction was to ask for an Ubuntu laptop. My brain justified by giving several reasons, it is developer friendly, software that you run on a server can be run as is in Ubuntu, etc. I was almost about to voice this opinion, but system 2 took over from system 1. It started asking questions along the lines of is this really the reason you want an Ubuntu machine or are you just trying to avoid the unfamiliar? You have not used a Mac before and are you trying to run away from something new? The two debated for some time and settled on giving the Mac a chance. So far, the experience has been wonderful and I am learning some cool things like using gestures for different actions etc.

Whenever something new and unfamiliar comes across, the natural instinct for most of us is to fight it. Take a step back, analyse whether this is the primal part of the brain trying to fight against the unfamiliar or you really have a valid reason not to.