New Feature Efficacy

by abhirama

You have an established product and you introduce a radically new/different feature. You are very enthusiastic but the metrics show users are hardly using the feature.

There could be two reasons:
1. Users do not see a value.
2. Users are not incentivized enough to try.



In order to decide whether to put in more effort, it is very important to zero in on the above. If this is indeed resistance to newness, there might be multiple ways to gently nudge your users towards the feature.

One simple way to figure this out is to measure the stickiness of the feature. Of the small percentage of your users who do interact with the features, how many of them come back to it subsequently i.e once people are acquainted with the feature, do they come back to it later? If you see stickiness in this cohort, it is a good indicator that the feature is of value, you are doing a bad job in educating your users and leading them to it. If not, it is time to cull the feature and invest that time and energy in something else.