How to write regularly

Tips to get into the habit of writing regularly.

You want to write regularly. You sit down to write. You are blank, bereft of ideas.

We all have ideas, but the problem is—the ideas do not surface when we want them to. Start an idea-list. Whenever something crosses your mind, note it down. Google Keep does the job for me.

You want to write regularly. You have nothing unique to write.

There are no stark new ideas in the world. Everything is an improvement over existing ideas. Saying something that has already been said but from your perspective makes it unique.

You want to write regularly. You do not have the time to write.

Designate half an hour a week on a particular day for writing. Sit down at the designated time. Pick a topic from your idea-list and start typing. It does not matter whether it is structured, whether it makes sense, whether it is polished. The goal is to type, not to be a perfectionist. Once you have exhausted what you have to say, start from the beginning. You will find numerous ways to refine your writing, polish it. Do this a couple of times.

You have the draft. The draft is not good enough for publishing.

The draft is never going to be good enough. Designate a day in a week to publish your writing. On this day, no matter what, you hit the publish button. This rule acts as a forcing function to tame the perfectionist in you.

Writing is not easy. People who do it as a profession complain. The above tactics make it easy to start(with the idea-list) and create forcing functions(rules of designated day to write and post) to refine your writing and publish.

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