Thoughts on Product and Feature Development

The post is a listicle on product and feature development in no particular order. There are three rules for creating a successful product. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.1 If the success of your product depends on changing a deeply ingrained habit, it is going to be challenging. Your product should be attractive enough … Continue reading Thoughts on Product and Feature Development

“Intentionally” Leaky Abstractions

Software abstractions that developers create should leak enough to let non-developers design the right product experience. Eons back in internet history, Joel Spolsky wrote a post on leaky abstractions. The gist of the writing is that even though we create software abstractions to make life easy, they somehow unintentionally leak through. With technology getting a … Continue reading “Intentionally” Leaky Abstractions

In search of that unique idea?

Why google when there was lycos?Why myspace when there was friendster?Why facebook when there was myspace?Why wordpress when there was blogger?Why tumblr when there was wordpress?Why posterous when there was tumblr?Why instagram when there was facebook?Why twitter when there was facebook?Why etsy when there was ebay?Why pandodaily when there was techcrunch?Why stripe when there was … Continue reading In search of that unique idea?