Do not rage against the machine

In life, we have to do many pointless things; at least pointless for us.

We have to fill unnecessary forms.
We have to get documents signed by random people.
We have to write foolish things.
We have to take part in pointless activities.
We have to follow senseless social norms.
We have to run behind people, asking them to address issues they should be pro-actively solving.

It is frustrating to go through this. When this happens, you feel the entire world is teaming against you. The sleeping rebel within us wakes up and wants to rage against the unfair world.

Do not let this happen.

If only raging solves problems. Instead, raging aggravates it. You lose agency of the task at hand—your brain switches from problem-solving to complaining mode. And, we will know how that turns out.

We usually get to know when our brain starts flipping. But, we do not try to stop it; we fuel the rage with an internal monologue of how unfair all of this is. The way to prevent this is by taking ownership of the task. You anyways have to do it, why not own it and finish it off quickly? When you take ownership of something, your brain finds innovative ways to hack through the task.

Do not rage against the machine; be the mechanic who fixes the machine.

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Image from Wikimedia.

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