The social taboo – body and mind

I just finished reading this and my mind was contemplating over the society's taboo of using your body to advance yourself in life. I do not think Sasha Grey's parents adore their daughter's achievements in the adult film industry but I am sure Nate Silver's parents are proud of his mathematical acumen. The world today is … Continue reading The social taboo – body and mind

The Algorithm and Data Structures Conundrum

Hacker news denizens have a penchant for articles on hiring. Every once in a while, a post appears on the home page followed by a passionate and vituperative debate. People conversing on this can be divided into two camps; one argues that math, algorithm and data structures are critical and interview candidates should be quizzed … Continue reading The Algorithm and Data Structures Conundrum

Gandhians With Keyboards

6th January 1980; young, 20 something artist; supremely gifted with a melodious voice; has no connections in the entertainment industry; zilch sugar daddies who can put her in touch with the right people in the recording business. How can this artist unleash her hidden talent on the unsuspecting world? The same situation forwarded to 6th January 2013.  Records her … Continue reading Gandhians With Keyboards